About Briteskies

Briteskies began in 2000 when Mike Berlin decided to start an information technology consulting firm. He recruited his former coworker, Bill Onion, and the two of them set out to deliver something that they had not yet seen in the market: technical expertise and a dedication to doing right by the customer.

As Mike and Bill established the company, they began to bring on more help. Nathan Giri was the first person to join Briteskies, and has been with the team ever since. Following his lead were Dave Balser, Matt Wolf, and Senior Consultant Ted Pshock. This initial group of guys quickly became a talented, hard-working team.

Every team needs a mascot, and for Briteskies it was not just another brown cow, in fact it was an orange cow. In the same vein as Seth Godin’s book, Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Becoming Remarkable, Briteskies wanted to stand out in their field.

Over the years and through all of the different iterations of the company, one thing has remained constant: Briteskies’ dedication to both clients and team members. The company has grown, but the commitment to helping team members to stretch, learn and grow has remained, and helps keep us trusted by our customers.

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“It’s rare to find a technology company that combines technically challenging work with a true work-life balance. Briteskies provides both and allows employees the flexibility to grow personally and professionally.” Mike D.

Our Philosophy

Briteskies is incredibly unique in that our growth and development as professionals is as important as implementing successful solutions for our clients. Our Directors encourage each team member to pursue his or her own passions, and provide support whether it relates to a project or personal matter. We, as a team, know we can rely on each other; this is probably why we’re Trusted by Our Customers.

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