Since 2000, Briteskies has helped clients seamlessly develop, deploy, upgrade, and integrate their eCommerce and Enterprise Software systems. As one of the only eCommerce consulting and development firms in Cleveland, we provide excellent service to our customers and the overall tech industry.

At Briteskies, we recognize that trust is earned and not given, and we work hard to earn the trust of the people we work with. That trust allows us to build long-term relationships with coworkers and clients. Those client relationships help us craft thoughtful commerce solutions. At our core, we love solving commerce problems for our clients.

Our eCommerce practice consists of certified Magento developers experienced in both B2B and B2C site implementation. We consider ourselves an industry leader, especially in the B2B eCommerce realm. There has been a recent focus on B2B eCommerce initiatives to provide a similar user experience to those of B2C sites, but we have been utilizing those principals for years.

Our ERP/RPG team has years of experience supporting systems that many tech companies have ignored because they are considered old or fading technology. We value the opportunity to support those organizations, some of which are in Northeast Ohio and who still maintain these systems.

Coupled with our expansive eCommerce experience, our ability to work with these older backend ERP environments and the newer service offerings positions us to help clients integrate their ERP and eCommerce sites. These types of projects are paramount to many organizations’ future success.

After a 2016 organizational change, Briteskies is continuing to grow and reinvent itself. By honing in on Magento eCommerce, IBM i, and JD Edwards and other ERP systems, our team is able to further sharpen our skills while still providing customers with increased profitability and operational efficiency through our work.

This reinvention has helped us further connect with customers as well. One Cleveland-based client was concerned about adding eCommerce functionality to their longstanding brick and mortar business. Our team’s experience and empathy helped this client face those challenges head on and bring their shopping experience up to date.

From website redesigns and eCommerce implementations to ERP system upgrades and integrations, the Briteskies team has the functional and technical experience to assist customers in achieving their business goals.

“It’s rare to find a technology company that combines technically challenging work with a true work-life balance. Briteskies provides both and allows employees the flexibility to grow personally and professionally.” Mike D.

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