A JD Edwards Business Process Review can maximize your investment in JD Edwards

Achieve your business goals with an assist from our JD Edwards Functional Consulting Team.

Once your JD Edwards software is implemented, the project team is often disbanded and moves on to different projects and challenges within the company. The JDE system is used for years with no new systems, modules, or significant changes to its configuration – which could mean you are missing opportunities to improve and enhance your business. Our JD Edwards Functional Consulting team can assist you with JD Edwards Business Process Review, which can help you maximize your investment in JD Edwards by identifying what is working well and where are there opportunities to improve.

Extend and Enhance Functionality through a JD Edwards Business Process Review (BPR)

Goals of a JD Edwards Business Process Review:

  • Evaluate the usage of your JD Edwards modules and systems to identify which systems are underutilized.
  • Identify activities that can be automated to reduce manual steps.
  • Identify processes that your organization is tracking outside of JDE but can be moved to the JDE system.
  • Review the capabilities of your current version of JDE and identify the potential benefits of a software upgrade.

Common Business Process Improvement Projects

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, our business process review and training offerings can help find your solution.

  • Do you need to add modules that were not originally implemented? Modules such as:
    • Foreign Currency
    • Advanced Warehousing
    • MRP/DRP
    • Reporting
    • Fixed Assets
    • UOM conversion
  • Did your implementation not go as planned and you are in need help re-configuring or re-implementing certain modules?
  • Is your month end close taking longer than desired?
  • Have you acquired a new company and need to roll out JD Edwards software to other branches and divisions?
  • Do you have a Middleware Project you are interested in launching?
  • Are you looking to make the jump to an online B2B site?
  • Do you want to improve the connectivity and business processes between your eCommerce system and JDE?
  • Do you need help interfacing with another software system?
  • Are you looking for some JDE/RPG coding assistance?
  • Is your CNC environment in question? Are you looking for a CNC audit?
  • Do you want to eliminate some of the custom code and replace it with base JDE functionality?
  • Are you on sustaining support and need technical or functional assistance that is not covered in your current support contract?

Uncertain if a JD Edwards Business Process Review is for you?

A JDE Business Process Review can also help you address some of these typical JD Edward’s training needs.

  • Are you new to JD Edwards or have just completed an upgrade or implementation and are looking for foundational training for employees?
  • Do you have specific topics you would like to review in depth?
  • Are you interested in scheduling a hands-on session where we jointly solve a real-world business need?
  • Do you need a go-to resource to answer specific questions?

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