16 April 2013

Magento Enterprise Recurring Order Solution

16 April 2013,
April 16, 2013

As Shoffee’s eCommerce channel has continued to grow, its business owners recognized that creating an exceptional user experience would be paramount to satisfied customers and repeat business.


12 March 2013

Findaway World Launches New Magento Site

12 March 2013,
March 12, 2013

Our teams worked to fully redesign, develop, integrate, test and deploy the B2B site, providing Findaway World library clients with a seamless eCommerce experience for which Magento is known.


14 June 2012

Client Spotlight: Advanced-RV.com

14 June 2012,
June 14, 2012

The Briteskies web development team worked closely with Advanced RV to develop a WordPress driven site. As highly experienced, dedicated professionals, our team evaluated the business and functional requirements expressed by the Advanced RV team and translated them into the designs and browsing experience they desired. Because Advanced RV conducts sales and operations via word-of-mouth networking, it was paramount to both teams that Advanced-RV.com be designed, developed and deployed, quickly. From the time the Briteskies team sat down to discuss concepts, the time to go-live was less than a month.


6 August 2011

Briteskies Delivers WebSphere Commerce Solution for B2B Application

6 August 2011,
August 6, 2011

As the technology world continues to increase in complexity, some companies have opted to offer a simplified product that appeals to key markets. Playaway, based in Solon, Ohio, is one such company. A division of Findaway World, Playaway has created the first preloaded, digital audiobook that comes with its own earphones and batteries. These pocket-sized, easy-to-use devices are being purchased and utilized by libraries, schools, hospitals and the military throughout North America.


28 July 2011

Bay Furnace Website Redesign

28 July 2011,
July 28, 2011

We here at Briteskies are proud to announce our most recent collaboration with longtime customer Bay Furnace