Our IBM i customers are interested in practical solutions and recognize that RPG’s tight integration into the IBM i operating system and databases still provides the best tool for getting the job done. In addition, many third-party web development tools that are RPG-centric have validated RPG’s role as a viable component of web-based application development. As we have proven, new technology can successfully coexist with RPG and IBM i.

As many IBM i developers and programmers already know, RPG IV is the preferred choice for development on the IBM i (formerly AS/400) platform and is the fourth generation of the RPG language. IBM has continued to dramatically enhance the RPG IV programming language over the last few years. Our IBM Certified RPG developers continue to increase their knowledge of the enhancements of both RPG III and RPG IV. Based on IBM’s Developers Roadmap, RPG IV is a stepping stone and needs to coexist in developing applications in Java and WebSphere.

RPG can also be used effectively when upgrading old or building new applications in ILE, a technique for the modular development of applications whose main benefit is the ability to efficiently reuse code.

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