PHP + LAMP Stack

PHP is a widely known web programming language that, while easy to learn, is not so simple to properly leverage. When effectively used in the LAMP stack, the programming language contributes to web applications that are flexible, customizable, and extendable. The developers at Briteskies have vast experience with PHP, which better serves our customers, as PHP is the programming language of Magento.

Because we understand the foundation on which Magento is built, we better understand Magento itself and are able to translate that expertise into success for our clients. Our developers are given the tools and time to work towards certifications that will expand their knowledge of Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, and, especially, how they apply to Magento.

Mistakes made on a technological level can be a huge expense for companies. Our developers lend their enterprise-caliber knowledge of Magento and the LAMP stack to creating a stable and reliable solution.

The quality and knowledge of our team members is what sets Briteskies above the rest of the competition.

Our PHP experts are here to help.