Our customers understand that Java is here to stay. As the roles of Java in business and e-business applications continue to grow, IBM i and AS/400 professionals should seriously consider Java as their development language of choice. The ability to create applications that embrace the “Write Once, Run Anywhere” philosophy gives Java a competitive advantage over other iSeries-based tool sets.

The IBM i Java development tools include an integrated environment that supports the Java Virtual Machine as well as the complete life cycle of Java program development. These Java development tools are the ideal tools for:

  • Developing and compiling business logic in Java that runs on nearly any server, including the IBM i server
  • Creating applications and Java GUIs that access existing server data, business logic, and resources
  • Extending the computing power of the IBM i from the desktop to the resources of the Web
  • Support for Enterprise Java Beans query language

The specific IBM i extensions of Java development tools include:

  • IBM i-specific launch configuration support, so that you can remotely execute and debug Java programs on an IBM i server
  • A Program Call wizard that can create Java Beans and Program Call Markup Language files to call your IBM i programs or service programs. Java Beans can also be used to create Web Services using Web Services development tools
  • The ability to trace and determine performance issues for IBM i Java programs with the Profiling perspective
  • The IBM Toolbox for Java
  • IBM i-specific Java Beans

Our experience shows that more and more companies are embracing the Java toolset on IBM i. These companies have discovered that the productivity gains of both object-oriented coding and the “Write Once, Run Anywhere” philosophy. Java technology is also allowing customers to take advantage of Web Services and a Service Oriented Architecture.

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