IBM Websphere Certified Partner

How Does Partner Status Benefit you as the client?

As a certified business partner, Briteskies team members have access to resources and key WebSphere Commerce personnel, allowing us to better solve our clients’ challenges. To keep our WebSphere Commerce team up on the latest IBM technology, versions and techniques, we regularly participate in continuing education activities. IBM administers and evaluates tests that include expertise in WebSphere Commerce architecture, design, functions, technical applications, marketing and sales. Some of the areas in which our IBM and WebSphere Commerce team is certified are:

  • IBM Certified Solution Designer – WebSphere MQ v7.0
  • IBM Certified Application Developer – WebSphere Commerce v7.0
  • IBM Certified System Administrator – WebSphere Commerce v7.0
  • IBM Certified Solution Developer – Web Services Development for WebSphere Application Server V7.0
  • IBM Enterprise Marketing Management Solution Sales Professional – v1
  • IBM Commerce Solutions Selling/Order Management Sales Professional – v1
  • IBM Coremetrics Technical Professional v1
  • IBM WebSphere Solution Sales Professional v5
  • PMP – Project Management Professional

These certifications are a clear demonstration of Briteskies’ dedication to continuous self-improvement, being a WebSphere certified partner, and most importantly, our clients.

5 Key Considerations when looking for a Consulting Partner

  1. Can they share documented success stories that relate to your situation?
    Seeing how a potential consulting partner has solved issues in previous situations can give you a better understanding of how they will help resolve your challenges. Learn how our customers have improved their online sites using these solutions.
  2. Have they published any articles in industry magazines, websites? Would they be considered a thought leader in the industry?
    Working with someone who is not only knowledgeable but a leader in the industry gives you access to a wealth of techniques and information. Read a few of our published articles here.
  3. Does their industry experience match your situation?
    Would you hire a world-renowned chef to repair your car? Probably not. Make sure that your potential consulting partner has the appropriate experience for your challenge. Take a look at our industry experience.
  4. Does their project management methodology and communications plan fit your company’s culture?
    Learn more about the Scragilefall methodology used to manage our projects and provide the best outcomes for our customers.
  5. Do they come highly recommended?
    Joan Jett may not give a damn about her bad reputation, but your consulting partner certainly should. Contact us for a list of satisfied customers. 

Industry Experience

Retail and Consumer Products

The most widely recognized use of eCommerce, retail and consumer products companies often look to eCommerce to supplement their traditional commerce store, although some are interested in selling solely online. These sites are motivated by a need to identify other ways to maintain current customers, provide service and support, and identifying new revenue channels.


For distribution companies, eCommerce sites are a great option to reduce operating costs. Using an eCommerce site eliminates the middleman and allows the company to reach a wider net of customers. Companies using an eCommerce site can realize cost savings by increasing processing speed, reducing errors, and eliminating manual activities. Integrating their eCommerce site with an ERP can help them achieve even greater efficiency resulting in improved supply-chain management among business partners.


Manufacturers are facing increasing global pressure for sales. Effectively designed eCommerce sites can increase speed and accuracy of communications between all parties involved in the process. The ability to sell online also creates new sales channels. If done correctly, manufacturing companies can reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve the products and services that they provide.


It is much cheaper to maintain current customers than to attract new customers. In the financial arena, excellent customer service and support are the guiding principles. For this reason, e-businesses should do whatever that they can in order to provide timely, high-quality service and support to their customers.

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