WellDyneRx Magento Community to Enterprise Migration

Client: WellDyneRx |  Date: Fall 2014  |  Visit: PlanetRx.com

Magento Community to Enterprise Migration Summary

WellDyneRx is a pharmaceutical company and full-service prescription benefit manager. They serve their members through 65,000 pharmacies nationwide and fill more than 1 million prescriptions per year through their mail order facilities. They run a number of pharmaceutical websites and reached out to Briteskies to update their site PlanetRx.com through a Magento Community to Enterprise migration project.

The main driver behind this upgrade was for WellDyneRx to take advantage of the marketing tools available in Magento Enterprise, such as customer segmentation and rules-based product relations. The major challenge of the project was retaining the responsive theme that was being leveraged on their Community site. The particular Ultimo theme in use was Community-specific and would require modifications to be leveraged on the Enterprise platform.

In order to successfully migrate PlanetRx.com from Magento Community 1.7 to Magento Enterprise 1.14, our team first had to identify the customizations that would need to be transferred from Community to Enterprise, as well as any extensions that they were running.

Fortunately, the customizations that had been made were well-documented following Magento best practices. Additionally, the extensions in use either translated directly to Enterprise, or there was an alternative extension available. This made the upgrade practically a non-event.

Since transitioning the site customizations and extensions was so smooth, the biggest challenge for our team was modifying the Ultimo theme to be used in an Enterprise environment.

After only a few weeks of work, WellDyneRx had a functioning Magento Enterprise 1.14 site for PlanetRx.com, with the biggest time delay in the project simply deciding on a go-live date and getting it approved. This upgrade was very cost effective and is a great example of how simple a Community-to-Enterprise upgrade can be when all of the correct steps are taken when implementing a Magento environment.

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