Smoky Mountain Knife Works Magento Implementation + IBM i Integration

Client: Smoky Mountain Knife Works  |  Date: Spring 2016  |  Visit Online

Magento and IBM i Integration Summary

Smoky Mountain Knife Works is a retailer of items and tools for the outdoorsman. What started as two guys selling pocketknives at flea markets has become a massive retail store serving over 1.2 million customers per year. When SMKW wanted to update their eCommerce presence, they partnered with Briteskies to implement Magento Enterprise and complete a Magento and IBM i integration.

SMKW had an established eCommerce site that was not performing as well as they needed it to. This legacy site was very limited in functionality, not very modern, and did not provide basic shopping features like faceted navigation, product recommendations, and customer reviews.

Although they needed to upgrade and update their eCommerce site, SMKW wanted to maintain their IBM i environment as it contained their important and extensive product information. They found our team, which has experience with IBM i integrations, and turned to us to update their site while utilizing their IBM i environment.

Utilizing Magento Enterprise allowed the SMKW site to be updated to a more current and user-friendly experience. Magento’s built-in capabilities allowed the SMKW site to be responsive at launch, whereas their legacy site was not mobile compatible.

Because multiple integration points between Magento and IBM i were needed, a solid integration methodology was an absolute necessity. Therefore, we used our standard process for integrating to IBM i. The Briteskies team handled the heavy lifting of installing software and initial software configurations, then delivered some sample RPG programs that access XML documents from WebSphere MQ. The Briteskies team then worked with the SMKW team to build the integration points.

The result of this Magento implementation and Magento and IBM i integration is a modernized eCommerce site that allows customers to easily filter through the large SMKW catalog while accessing data from their legacy ERP system. By integrating the new eCommerce implementation with the established, powerful IBM i, SMKW was able to reap a host of benefits.

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