Magento Community Implementation

magento community implementation
Date: Summer 2014

Magento Community Implementation Summary

This client is a family-owned and operated boating supply company that has been in business for over 70 years. They provide boating necessities and an experienced crew of industry experts. They are focused on providing quality products at affordable prices, along with knowledgeable service. Concerns with their lack of a flexible, user-friendly web presence, lack of control over site content, and desire for a more faceted navigation style onsite lead the client to reach out to our team to perform a Magento Community implementation.

The client team wanted control over their content. Before the project, they had no control over editing anything on the site, even something as simple as an About Us page. Additionally, the client’s catalog items were not stored in a way to be accessed by online customers in a more faceted navigation style. In particular, their customizable products needed to be restructured.

The project consisted of the initial implementation of the client’s online catalog from their current, static eCommerce site, to a more robust and easily controlled online solution in the form of Magento Community 1.9. This included exporting and migrating their product data, and the data configurations caused this step to be one of the main challenges of the project.

By selecting Magento, this client gained access to a robust admin panel that gives them control over their catalog, regular site pages, eSpots, and more, so that they are able to better market their online catalog. Search was improved because Magento provides faceted navigation out of the box. And, because they chose to go with Magento Community, the client incurred minimal up-front costs.

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