JD Edwards Business Process Improvements

Client: A brake repair and replacement parts distributor  |  Date: Fall 2017


This client is a distributor of brake repair and replacement parts and assemblies. As experts in brake and hardware for over 40 years, they have the most comprehensive product line coverage and are the largest provider in North America. They supply the automotive aftermarket by selling their products through auto parts dealers.  

When evaluating past purchases, our client found that they were over-ordering on slow-moving products and under-ordering on items that were moving much quicker. These purchasing decisions were being made based on their demand forecast, which should have been providing them with accurate numbers. The standard JD Edwards forecasting functionality can be incredibly helpful, but the client was having some trouble getting accurate demand forecasts for their inventory. Along with inaccurate demand forecasts, they were having trouble keeping track of what inventory they did have, due to a disorganized warehouse tracking process.  

Additionally, although the client had been running JD Edwards as their ERP for years, recent retirements and staff turnover meant that their current team members needed additional training on JD Edwards and necessary business processes. In an effort to address their fulfillment and inventory issues and get new team members up to speed on JDE, this client turned to our team for assistance.  

In order to accurately assess their fulfillment issues, our team started the project with a Business Process Review. The client team walked us through their business process during a site visit, which allowed our team to identify where issues were occurring and how the client was leveraging their JDE software.  

We also configured a version of forecasting that we thought best aligned with their organization. With their new forecasting formula, our client can now generate a demand forecast that more closely resembles their actual demand, which can better inform their purchasing process.  


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