Forbes Products Magento Community Customization

Client: Forbes Custom Products  |  Date: Fall 2015  |  Visit Online

Magento Community Customization Summary

Forbes Custom Products is a retailer of information packaging and documentation presentation products such as binders, folders, envelopes, and specific industry solutions. In addition to their off-the-shelf offerings, Forbes also provides the opportunity to customize some of their products with things like names or logos. When they wanted to expand their current eCommerce offerings and adjust their eCommerce site, Forbes partnered with the Briteskies team for a Magento Community customization project.

Forbes wanted to expand their current eCommerce offerings to include their full suite of products, particularly to allow their online shoppers to customize their products by adding custom verbiage, company names, and logos. To accomplish this, Forbes needed a skilled Magento team that could handle the complexities of this project.

The initial challenge of this project was installing the Pixopa Web to Print extension to their existing Magento Community site. However, once the project began, it became apparent that Forbes’ three existing sites on two different instances of Magento would need to be consolidated.

From installing and integration with third-party extensions and creating configurable products, to updating pricing configurations and site design, the Briteskies team did a significant amount of customization for the Forbes Magento Community environment.

Since launching the new version of, the site is running smoothly and according to plan. With their various instances and sites consolidated and the Pixopa functionality installed, Forbes has a stable, powerful site that is ready to create custom products for their customers.

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