ET Dealer

Client: ET Dealer  |  Date: Spring 2013

B2B Magento Implementation Summary

ET Dealer is the largest independently owned manufacturer and distributor of self-propelled sprayers in North America. ET Dealer sprayers are engineered to address the needs of growers and applicators, allowing them to adhere to industry standards and best practices, while remaining rugged and affordable. ET Dealer contacted Briteskies and our certified Magneto developers to recreate their business logic within the Magento environment for a B2B Magento implementation.

Because ET Dealer is a large manufacturer that sells to both enterprise organizations as well as smaller and privately owned businesses, management sought a way in which to technically apply its business logic to Magento. ET Dealer had established rules used to manage their inventory including location- and user-based permissions, as well as organizational buying capabilities. These rules dictate the process by which a distributor can view and order equipment.

In our years of experience within the manufacturing industry, utilizing the most commonly found pillars of B2B business models, we’ve created a custom Magento Solution. As per the requirements of the functional design, ET Dealer needed three of the four aspects that constitute the Briteskies B2B Suite. In order to achieve the goals of eliminating manual processes and creating a simple way to manage client accounts, we worked with ET Dealer to develop organizational buyer management, dynamic contract pricing and catalog filtering. Briteskies has an extensive history in working with manufacturers and B2B organizations, one in which we’ve demonstrated expertise, diligence and efficiency.

ET Dealer can now easily manage their clients and their accounts directly within Magento, and clients are provided with an easy to use method of viewing and purchasing products for their stores.

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