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JD Edwards World to World Upgrade Summary

Emerald Performance Materials, LLC, is a specialty chemical manufacturer and distributor of industrial products. They produce and market specialty chemicals that are used in everything from aerospace and automobiles to food and cosmetics. The chemicals they produce enable products to last longer and perform better. As part of a series of long-term strategic initiatives, Emerald approached Briteskies to assist them with a JD Edwards World to World upgrade, going from version A7.3 to A9.3.

The primary driver for this project was the need to remain on JD Edwards software support. Extended Support for their version of JDE World was expiring, therefore they wanted to upgrade to a more current version. As part of the project, the operating system for their IBM i (also known as the iSeries or AS/400) was also aging and needed to be upgraded. The Emerald team executed the operating system upgrade, leaving the Briteskies team to focus on the JD Edwards software upgrade. Once the upgrade project began, further challenges arose.

Based on previous JDE World A.9x upgrades and given the modules that Emerald was running, our team was able to anticipate potential issues that might arise during the project. While, of course, it was important to test every aspect of the upgrade, our team was prepared to handle those areas that we knew might provide more trouble than others.

By upgrading to JD Edwards World A9.3, Emerald is code current and they can maintain the highest level of support from Oracle and JD Edwards.

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