Dodd Camera Magento Implementation

Dodd Camera B2C Magento Implementation
Client: Dodd Camera  |  Date: Winter 2016  |  Visit Online

Magento Community Implementation Summary

For over 120 years, Dodd Camera has been providing Cleveland with high-quality photography equipment and professional services. They have always stressed the importance of their brick and mortar stores, specifically the experts who work in them. However, as the company has expanded to a number of different cities and states, their eCommerce site required an update. They turned to the Briteskies team to complete a Magento Community implementation.

In an effort to update their brand image and stay competitive with other online retailers, Dodd decided to redesign their eCommerce site. They decided to implement Magento Community 1.9 and integrate with their existing POS/ERP system, Dynamo Excellware.

Some goals of the project included:

  • Supplement the brick and mortar locations
  • Create a site that was easily manageable and that highlights their product knowledge and expertise
  • Update brand image
  • Increase SEO and usability
  • Provide customers with an effective eCommerce experience

There were a number of challenges in this project. One differentiating design piece was on the Product Detail Page (PDP). Dodd’s offerings have a lot of product details, and that data exceeded what Magento provides in a base template. Therefore, a custom PDP was designed. Collecting all of that data from vendors was another challenge.

Additional customizations were required to accommodate Dodd’s Featured Products Module and Rebate needs. Our team implemented a Featured Products Module so that Dodd could have an easy-to-manage featured products list on the home page. Our team’s Magento expertise and integration experience came in handy for rebate pricing, especially in order to manage the differing pricing structures between Dynamo and Magento.

In the end, working through their Magento Community implementation challenges paid off and Dodd now has a sophisticated, updated site that serves as both a purchasing platform and a source of information and education for their products.

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