Cardinal Health

Client: Cardinal Health  |  Date: Spring 2014

Magento Enterprise Multisite Implementation Summary

Cardinal Health is a nationwide leader in medical supply distribution for both wholesale and home delivery. Currently providing over 30,000 products for chronic conditions such as diabetes, ostomy, wound care, urological, incontinence, and respiratory and other chronic conditions, the company operates through Independence Medical and Edgepark Medical Supplies. When they acquired a division of a medical equipment manufacturer and distributor, Cardinal Health turned to our team to handle a Magento Enterprise multisite implementation.

Cardinal Health had recently acquired a division of a medical equipment manufacturer and distributer. As part of their offerings to their customers, this division provided B2C eCommerce capabilities for a select group of their customers. As part of the overall company and systems integration, these new sites needed to be absorbed into the Cardinal Health systems. Specifically, Cardinal Health needed to decouple these sites from the existing legacy backend ERP system and recouple them to the Cardinal Health systems, based on Oracle’s eBusiness Suite. Complicating this project was that these sites were on separate servers, separate instances of Magento, and on a disparate code base. Due to the timeline constraints of the acquisition process, this integration needed to be completed within an aggressive deadline.

The acquired division had more than 20 instances of Magento EE 1.10 providing a B2C eCommerce site for more than 20 different customers. Each Magento instance was hosted on a separate server, and each site had customizations specific to the customer and eCommerce site. Such an arrangement can be cumbersome, ineffective, and costly, so the goal was to consolidate the Magento environments and reduce the overall complexity. This needed to be accomplished while Cardinal Health was simultaneously completing the integration of their newly acquired company.

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